Threaded inserts Kerb Konus

Our specialist

Ing. Lukáš Becík

Connecting technology is now widely used in a wide variety of industries worldwide. According to the method of anchoring in the material, Kerb Konus offers a wide variety of threaded inserts:

  • self-tapping threaded inserts for metals, wood and plastics
  • Heat or ultrasonic thread inserts
  • threaded inserts for screwing into a female thread
  • thread inserts for zaniting

In addition to many years of proven and versatile threaded inserts, Kerb Konus offers additional welding technology products.

  • Molding thread system for thin shaped parts
  • securing bolts
  • thread sealing
  • Isolating Plastics Laying

With Kerb Konus products you have a tailored solution for every special problem on the coupling technology.