Terms of services

1. Ordering Goods

We accept the order only in written form / e-mail, fax /. By phone, it is possible in exceptional cases to temporarily book the goods until we receive a written order. We accept the order by sending an order confirmation / e-mail /. The confirmation is the price of the goods, the quantity, the delivery time, the way of transport and other requirements. For some orders, we require confirmation from the customer that it accepts our delivery terms / minimum quantity or long delivery date /. Orders received until 12.00 will be handled with due care.

2. Price

The price of the goods is stated on the invoice, in the bid and on the confirmation of the order. The base price is valid for the unit quantity. We offer rebates at this price. This depends on many factors / rebate group, amount, payment discipline, mode of transport ….. /. Stable customers have a stable rebate or specially priced prices in agreement with the sales department.

3. Delivery date

The delivery date is given in the quotation or when the order is confirmed. For goods that we have at our warehouse, we can guarantee the delivery term in other cases, we have to rely on the correctness of the supplier’s information. We consider this delivery date to be provisional, it may change based on new facts that we can not significantly overcome.

4. Payment Terms

Payment terms were created specifically for the segment of engineering and construction. We offer a basic maturity of 14 days to all registered customers by taking the goods on the invoice, which can be extended to a maximum of 60 days in agreement with the sales department. The goods are until the full payment of the invoice to the purchasers by the property of J.K.SCHRAUBEN. We send new goods to our customers on a bill or pre-invoice. In the case of payment of goods to some of our cash outlets, the customer will receive a receipt from the cash register. When exporting outside of the Slovak Republic, we invoice the goods without VAT only to the customers who are VAT payers / VAT control. Other customers are required to charge the goods also with VAT.

5. Carriage of goods

We ship the goods only by courier / GEIS, UPS, GLS / delivery within 24 hours. The end customer pays the basic shipping cost of 6.80 euros. The price for a package sent cash on delivery is 7.80 euros. Upon higher order, the supplier pays the cost. In the case of special prices, transport is argued separately. For the Czech Republic, the basic transport costs are 300, -CZK to the value of the order 3000, -CZK. Upon higher order, the supplier pays the cost. The goods can be taken personally to someone with our stores. With larger volumes of material, we make the delivery of our own car in agreement with the customer.

6. Packaging goods

Goods are packaged depending on product groups and quantity. / plastic bags, cardboard boxes, paper bags, plastic canisters, plastic bags, pallets …… /. For goods supplied, the tolerance is +/- 2%. J.K.SCHRAUBEN takes the claim just above this limit. Every damage to the shipment is obligated by the customer immediately after delivery, claiming to the supplier. This is the only way to get rid of the responsibility for the missing goods in the shipment. We will attach a photo of the damaged goods to the claim of the shipment to claim the shipment at the shipping company.

7. Claiming Product

The customer has the possibility to claim the incomplete quantity and quality of the delivered goods. The supplier accepts a complaint of the goods within 5 working days of the shipment being delivered to the customer. When delivering an incomplete quantity, the vendor checks the status of his warehouse and further communicates with the customer until the case is resolved. In the case of delivery of lesser quality or confused goods, the customer is obliged to return the claimed goods. On the basis of an agreement with the sales department, the customer will receive free of charge additional goods if it is not possible to obtain a credit note.

Ján Kolárik – Executive