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The anchoring technique does not hide anything complicated, these are usually normal dowels and mechanical anchors. J.K.SCHRAUBEN offers you a wide selection of products in its range. Our offer of anchoring technology can be viewed online or in one of the three stone shops.

With the anchor technique, we meet in common practice in most building operations, whether new or reconstructions of older buildings.

When fixing anchors and dowels, it is important to follow a few basic steps to ensure the functionality of the mechanical joint. What’s important is accuracy and precision.

We will begin by drilling holes according to the parameters found in the relevant catalog. It is necessary to use exactly the diameter of the drills as specified for the respective diameter of the anchor or dowels. It goes without saying that the drills are in good condition. The next step is to clean the drilled hole from the dust. For this purpose, in particular, various cleaning brushes or a pump for blowing holes are used. Insert the dowel / anchor itself into the bored and cleaned hole, and then attach the required element.

For the final quality and safety of the anchorage, it is also important to respect the minimum depth of enclosure, minimum marginal distances and minimum spacings between the anchors / anchors.

The range of J.K.SCHRAUBEN is very wide. You will surely find everything that you need for fastening and joining the building elements. You can get the basic orientation on our offer online. We have a complete offer of anchoring technology from different vendors on the web. Anchors, anchors or screws can also be purchased online. If you want to look at our range with our own eyes, visit one of the three stone shops. One can be found directly at J.K.SCHRAUBEN’s headquarters in Svätý Jur and the other two are on Galvani Street and Popradska Street in Bratislava.


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