Building chemistry SIKA

Building chemistry is a complex name for commonly used products.

Adhesives, cements, waterproofing, reprofilation materials, floor systems or various additives in concrete. Thanks to J.K.SCHRAUBEN, you have the whole range of building chemistry available under one roof. You can shop online or in one of the three stone shops.

At present, we can not imagine the construction of buildings without building chemistry in modern construction. For example, only cements and adhesives are used in different parts of buildings, while the flexible polyurethane sealant itself can serve as a glue as well. They are mostly elastic and water resistant materials that contribute to the quality and durability of the building by its properties.

In addition, you can find a number of specialized polyurethane adhesives and sealants – such as tile, wood, concrete and many other applications. In addition to cements and adhesives, our chemical sorbents are also available in our assortment without styrenes based on polyester and epoxy. The world of glue is really rich, just look at the offer of J.K.SCHRAUBEN to help you find the adhesives better, if you want to call one of the stores, where you will be trained by salesmen.

Separate categories include parquet adhesives, waterproofing, reprofilation and repairing substances, floor coating systems, roofing fixings, concrete additives and special concrete and mortar.

The product line of building chemistry achieves high quality standards, which, in combination with trained salesmen at the store, makes our company a reliable business partner.

If you want to see the full range of building chemistry of J.K.SCHRAUBEN for your own eyes, visit one of the three corporate outlets. Directly at the headquarters of the company in Svätý Jur on Galvani Street, or on Popradská Street in Bratislava.


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